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ok so this is a quick little story I wrote. I hope you all enjoy it. Starting to flex my writing muscles again.


The walls were already badly damaged from previous attacks. The streets lined with rubble from crumbling buildings, the White marble stained brownish gray from soot, ash and blood.
The warrior stood strong facing his opponents. Gripping his sword and shield tighter he letting out a scream of challenge and charged toward the wall. The hundred demons responded in kind. Flinging dark energies like arrows not caring where they landed. The Warrior heard a cry next to him and gave a quick glance.
“Side by Side, brother” said the man next to him. His long beard flowing out of his sliver helm. “until we are Back to Back” The Warrior could almost see the grin on the big man face.

The force was eminence when enemies collided. The Warrior swung his sword chipping off pieces of the demon's carpus. Black chitin flying through the air. The demon beat on his shield in vain, looking for an opening, but the Warrior was tough and experienced. One of the last of the original defenders. He fought demons before.

Clouds darkened the sky, A light rain turned the dust and blood and ichor into mud. The Warriors sword was getting heavy. He had killed many demons but there always seemed to be another to take their place. He took a step back and was met by a wall.
“I have your back brother”
They were loosing, they both knew this to be the end.
His footing Slipped in the mud, He felt a sharp pain in his side and fell to his knees. This was it, he thought.
Then there was a crack in the clouds. A small ray of sunshine piercing the gloom. The Demons shrieked in pain as the light reflected off the warriors Armor. He felt strength return to him. With a defiant scream he rose once more to his feet. Swinging his sword he cleaved the head from the nearest Demon. The remaining creatures fled from the warrior. More and more sun filled the ruined city. The day was theirs.

The warrior looked around. His friend was lying in the muck. His once glistening chain shirt, blackened covered with Ichor and blood. The Warrior removed his friend Helm. He coughed, then grinned, his teeth bright red from fresh blood. “Ill see you in the after life brother, we will drink in the great halls” he closed his eyes and let out a final breath.

The Cathedral was saved but many good warriors had died. The city lay in waste. There was no reason to celebrate. All that mattered now was to rebuild. More troops needed to be trained, More Heroes found and the walls repaired. The Warrior knew the Demons would be back. But for now there was sun.

The man put the safety back on to his gun and gently placed it on the table. Tears rolled down his cheeks. A weak smile crossed his face. The sun was out for another day.
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