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I have lost myself. more precisely I have left myself behind in the transition to our new life. I Left myself amongst the partially packed boxes and the piles of stuff that Im hoping to yard sale. In all the purging and cleaning and packing I realized I didn't need to bring my old self with me.

In some ways this is liberating, where I am at is old yet new. We haven't lived in this area in many years. We have our families, and friends near us, but the length of time we have been gone has created a situation where we all have to learn about each other again. There are no expectations.

I have no job, no commitments, no demands of me. I have no home, little baggage, and no idea of my next step. Im a blank canvas waiting to become art, or maybe a cocoon waiting to be born.

I have the opportunity here to become a better person. To become the person I have been wanting to be. I have cast off most of the weights and chains that were holding me back. I just need to decide who this person is that I want to become.

Date: 28 Aug 2016 19:00 (UTC)
illuviel: "The Undine" by Arthur Rackham (Default)
From: [personal profile] illuviel
Best to the journey and the sojurner
Best to the endeavor and they who strive
Best to you in this and all, dearage



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