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I dont consider myself a Helicopter parent. I feel kids need to go live life, explore, fail, secede, and if they need guidance or help I will be there. Today was one of the toughest mornings I have had as a parent.

Today I dropped my boy off at his new school. he was excited as we left. In a good mood. Not showing any signs of the insecurities he was showing a few nights ago when we were at orientation. But as we go out of the car my 9 year old boy took my hand and we walked up to the doors together. I could feel is strength and resolve ebbing out of his small body. I tried to give him some of mine but his slow shift in attitude I could feel. We met his new principal once more and I took him to where he would have breakfast. There I left him. Alone at his new school. Not a knife or an axe to defend himself with.

Im sure he will be ok. Its 4th grade not middle school. His hair has a blue tint to it. He has his Pikachu backpack. I hope he will find a friend or two.

For me, I have things to do today. A ceiling fan to fix, need to see my parents before they go on a trip. Make some progress on looking for work.
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