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So I have been sick off and on for the last few months. Stress kinda does that. My body and mind have been protesting in various was their disapproval of the stress I have been under. Couple of weeks ago I was in the ER pretty much because of the stress I have been under.

Trying to pack a house, take care of two young kids, and deal with whatever else pops up all without a real support network really sucks.

My mind has shut down in certain areas trying to allocate resources to more important tasks. My body try its best to force me to take breaks and get the rest i need wether i want to or not. Its really amazing how how all our systems are interconnected and how they work together to keep you running despite your attempts to shut it down.

Now the problem occurs when your body and mind are stuck in "safe mode" for too long. as some of my friends have experienced the body will turn on itself in efforts to try to keep working. this can have very life threatening effects.

Now Im in an environment where Im less stress. Other then floating in limbo with no idea of where I am going. But its a different stress. I do have a lot of back ground stress of what we are doing with our old house. Hear i have the ability to hand the kids off and go for a walk. Say I don't feel like cooking, somebody else do it. Its really amazing. Even with all this amazingness that I have not had for months my body is not fully back to where it was and my mind is starting to play with things again.

Dreams are getting darker again. My good moods are not as bright anymore and my ability to tolerate inconveniences is becoming shorter.

Ive started my vitamins again so hopefully that will help and really I should take a couple of hours for myself and that would be amazing. I'm trying to work on crafts and hobbies, which excitedly I have time for, but half my supplies seam to be at the old house. Its important to try and take care of yourself.
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